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Happy 45th Birthday from RACT Head of Corps

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to pass on my best wishes to all members of the Corps on the occasion of our 45th birthday. The Corps continues to deliver across all areas of Army to the highest standards. The professionalism of the Royal Australian Corps of Transport officers and soldiers is something in which we should take great pride, honouring our past and looking toward the future. Army’s significant modernisation program over the coming decade will offer both challenge and opportunity for the Corps, both of which I am confident we will meet.

I was also pleased to learn of the April 2018 Government decision supporting the award of a Unit Citation for Gallantry to 1 Australian Task Force (Forward) as part of the Coral-Balmoral battles from Vietnam in 1968. This recognises members who were part of RAASC detachments from 26  Coy, 85 Tpt Pl, 176 Air Dispatch Coy and 11 Movement Control Group (RAE).  Deserved recognition for all those members who took part in these important engagements and adding further to the history of the Corps and the RACT successors of those units.

I wish you well for today and the future, knowing you will all continue to be equal to the task.

Please pass this message on to our RACT soldiers in your areas. 

Par Oneri

Cameron Purdey
Director General of Logistics Army
Head of Corps RACT